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Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday.

Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday.
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Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday.




What The Tech Ep. 437 - Breaking Galaxy Fold

Reviews of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold are out, and many are claiming their Galaxy Fold screen is breaking. Should Samsung delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold? Microsoft will launch their own wireless ear buds. Who will buy Surface Pods? Microsoft also announces it plans to sell a disc-less Xbox and Sony announces their new PlayStation 5.


What The Tech Ep. 436 - Living On The New Edge

Microsoft releases a beta of their new Chromium based Edge browser. Paul Thurrott gives his first impressions of the new Edge browser. What does it currently lack and is it a winner? And Paul talks about the next major update to Windows 10 and Windows as a service. Is Microsoft forcing too many updates on users?


What The Tech Ep 435 - Apple Cancels AirPower

Apple announces that they will not being able to launch it's wireless charging pad, AirPower. Andrew and Paul discuss Steve Jobs' legacy and what Apple would have looked like today if he was still alive. Paul brings up Bill Gates' legacy at Microsoft and their retaliatory tactics. And Paul fields a few question from viewers.


What The Tech Ep. 434 - Apple Announces Apple TV Plus And More

Apple announces a slew of new services including Apple TV Plus, the Apple Card, and Apple Arcade. Why did Apple have an event if none of the new services are ready? Paul ponders whether there will be an Apple TV app for Roku. Plus Andrew and Paul discuss Windows as a service subscription and if its a possibility.


What The Tech Ep. 433 - Google Gets Into Game Streaming With Stadia

Google announced at GDC a new game streaming service called Stadia. How will Google's game streaming service change gaming? Andrew and Paul discuss that question and many others including pricing, game availability, and whether Google will be successful with Stadia.


Apple TV Service Rumor

Apple is holding an event later this month where they rumored to be announcing a new TV service. What would an Apple TV service look like and cost? Andrew and Paul discuss the rumored TV service and how it could impact other streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu and Netflix. Are there too many video subscription services?


Chromium Around The Edge

Microsoft new Chromium based Edge browser is revealed in leaked screenshots. Andrew and Paul discuss recent history of web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Andrew brings up Windows Lite. Is there any new info about Windows Lite? And Paul look back at the Microsoft Band. What went wrong?


Huawei Foldable Vs. Samsung Foldable

Huawei unvels the Mate X at MWC in Barcelona. How does the Huewei Mate X foldable phone compare to the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Also at MWC, Microsoft debuts Hololens 2. Paul Thurrott discuss his thoughts on the new mixed reality headset. And Microsoft's Chromium based browser is coming.


What The Tech Ep. 429 - Unfolding the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold

Samsung officially announces several new devices including the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10E. Andrew and Paul discuss the new Samsung hardware and pricing. Is Samsung heading for a dark future? Apple's new SDK will create iOS apps that run on Mac. Is Apple officially combining Mac and iOS?


What The Tech Ep. 428 - Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-sale

Samsung puts the Galaxy S10 up for pre-sale ahead if it's official launch event next week. Why did Samsung put the S10 up for pre-sale without any pricing? Andrew and Paul speculate how consumers will feel about Samsung's foldable phone. How much would Samsung's foldable phone cost? Paul discusses upcoming Microsoft events and possible new devices. And Andrew and Paul discuss Amazon and Google's investments for 2019 such as Amazon's recent acquisition of Eero.


What The Tech Ep. 427 - Xbox Live Everywhere

Andrew and Paul discuss Microsoft wanting to make Xbox Live cross-platform and available on iOS, Nintendo, and Android. Is this the next step towards cloud gaming? Andrew talks about the Super Bowl being available for free everywhere. This leads to a discussion on how Netflix has changed TV programming over the last decade.


What The Tech Ep. 426 - Declutter Your Life

Paul Thurrott discusses his plans to scan all of his physical photos. How does Paul plan to go about scanning all his old photos? Andrew and Paul also discuss the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 event. Will Samsung unveil it's long rumored foldable phone at the event?


What The Tech Ep. 425 - Foldable Device Mania

A new rumor going out suggests that Microsoft may be working on a foldable device of their own. Andrew and Paul discuss the possibility and the foldable device hype that is going around. Will Samsung release a foldable phone next month? Paul looks at the overall picture of CES. What is the purpose of the Consumer Electronics Show? And Intel announces Iceland and Project Athena.


What The Tech Ep. 424 - CES 2019 Preview

Andrew and Paul discuss some of the early announcements from CES 2019 including new laptops from Lenovo. Andrew follows up on the news coverage of Microsoft plans to release new webcams. Andrew also gives his initial review of the GLAS smart thermostat from Johnson Control. And Paul rants about Apple's conflicting statements on their earnings report.


What The Tech Ep. 423 - Tech Predictions for 2019

Andrew and Paul do their yearly prediction show. The guys speculate about cell phones in 2019, and if Microsoft will have an Android based Surface phone. Also they discuss Apple's sale numbers, new Microsoft webcams in 2019, the future of Xbox and PlayStation, and much more.


What The Tech Ep. 422 - Worst Tech of 2018

Andrew and Paul run down their list of the worst tech of 2018. Andrew takes issue with all of social media. Did social media reach it's all time low in 2018? Andrew also questions YouTube and Google's identity. Paul's worst of includes Windows 10 Fall Update issues, and the Pixel 3 notch.


What The Tech Ep. 421 - Best Tech of 2018

According to a new rumor Microsoft will be transitioning from it's Edge browser to a new Chromium based browser. Paul explains how that could impact users for the better. Andrew and Paul also run down their best tech of 2018. Paul's list includes digital assistants, Fortnite, and Windows 10 upgrades. Andrew's best of list includes the Pixel 3 camera, iPad Pro, and Nintendo Switch.


What The Tech Ep. 420 - LG Patents A 16 Lens Phone

Andrew and Paul discuss the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals they grabbed. Paul regrets not buying a new iPad. Paul also rants about cheaply made tablets that fail to deliver on working features. And LG patents a phone with 16 lenses. What would be the point of a phone with 16 lenses?


What The Tech Ep. 419 - 2018 Black Friday Trends And Deals

Andrew and Paul discuss 2018 Black Friday trends and deals such as phones and smart speakers. What trends and deals made their list?


What The Tech Ep. 418 - The New 2018 MacBook Air

Paul talks about using the new 2018 MacBook Air. What does Paul like or not like about the new MacBook Air? Paul also explains why the new MacBook Air is the best thing to happen to the Microsoft Surface laptop. Andrew talks about his first impression of the new HP Spectre x360. How does the keyboard compare to the HP Elitebook?