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A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun.

A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun.
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A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun.




Bye, Bye, Binary! (feat. Alok Vaid-Menon!)

Fender bender, or gender bender? The Thots discuss our earliest gender bending moments, our relationships to boxers vs briefs, and the battles we fought to affirm our genders, before surrendering the white flag (ie. briefs!). When, and how, did we find permission to walk away from our earliest notions of conforming to gender? We slice your cakes with a lil Swipe Right, Swipe Left, our most favorite Girl-Boy Thot regales us with tales of Thotting in the rain, and for dessert we add a lil...


You a Bad Girl and Your Friends Bad Too (feat. Danez Smith and Angel Nafis!)

In true queer fam style, the Thots take you for an intimate hand-holding stroll down friendship lane. What makes a best friend, how deep does friendship go, and does queer friendship mean anything different from anything else? What are the promises we hold and keep? We rev your engines with a lil hoetry in these Twitter streets, our poverty-line vers Thot of all Thots gives us sugar, spice, and everything nice, and for dessert we preach to the choir! SHOW NOTES:...


The Great and Terrible Internet (feat. Dylan Marron!)

Age, sex, location, bb! From dial-up to digital, chat rooms to dating apps, the Thots explore the internet! We probe every corner of the 'net for first porn experiences, earliest AIM screen names, and primitive illicit searches for online queer community—before we knew we were queers! We're off to the races by pushing Florida out of the non-binary closet, our Heaux of Honor, Dylan Marron, assures us that in fact, Glenn Close is a great Mom, and for dessert Angelica Houston invites you into...


The Thots Go to Hollywood (feat. Steven Canals!)

In celebration of the iconic golden man, and the gayest heaux-li-day of the year, we travel cross-country to Hollywood in search of the three Gs—glitz, glamour, and Glenn! Once on set, we ask the biggest question of the year: Mary Queen of Scots, or Mary Queen of Thots? We'll whet your palettes with a lil swipe right, swipe left, La La Land style, we affirm you in your creative dreams, and for dessert we thank our lucky Starz for something made for us, by us! SHOW NOTES:...


Insignificant Others 💘

Roses are red, violets are blue, these heaux are Thotty, and so are YOU! In our LIVE Galentine's Gay Special, your fave sweet tarts discuss and disclose our various situation-ships, our dysfunctions and desires, and why our messy selves love a situation! We start your engines with the queer multiple choice game of your wet dreams, we answer your messiest, nastiest, Thottiest questions, and for dessert we get a lil help pulling your sword from our stones. SHOW NOTES:...


Ho in the Area Code

Get your passports ready binches, these heaux are cumming on the road! Ur favorite Thotties explore what it means to be a ho on the go, and protecting, projecting, and loving our queer selves as we take on trains, planes, cabs, and carriages! As always we hit the ground running with our ridiculous word romp Homo-nym, ya gurl Den is the real third wheel, and for dessert we teach a lil course called "Beading 101". SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:...


Get Me Bodied (feat. Guy Branum!)

Are you there, God, it's me—Mario Lopez! Craving deeper exploration, the Thots examine the roots of our own body goals, the physiques that captivate us, and loving our body-ody-odies so we can find the boyfriend...within? ;-) We get things going by swiping right or left on Dumplins, Louis Vuitton embroidered bibs, and dreamy Hollywood Thotties, and for dessert we revel in some royal girl-on-girl lovin'! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:...


Ass-tral Projections (feat. Chani Nicholas!)

Double, double, toil, and.... Thottery? Get out your birth charts and explore what's written in the stars as the Thots learn about the cosmic connection between our lives and our births! We get the witching hour started by swiping right or left on our favorite popular occult sensations, and for dessert or Guest Thot of Honor leads us in a little magical sex education! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook:...


This Episode is Bringing Sexy Back

Let's talk about SEX, BB! Get down n' dirty with the Thots as we tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing *butt* the truth about our sex lives! Pet peeves and fantasies, daddies and bois, get nasty as we bare (bear?) it all! We start by asking our bussies to choose the queerest Thot of all, Teebs drops it like it's hot, and for dessert we savor the beauty of the bulge! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook:...


Here Cums the Bride 💦(feat. Meredith Talusan!)

Dearly Beloved binches, we are gathered here today to witness the Thotting together... butt wait! Must we live, love, and laugh as though our lives are heteronormative? Or do we get a free pass to Thot as we wish? We regale you with our multiple-choice classic, and for dessert we ask a simple question: aren't we all just becoming? SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook: DM us on Insta:...


Let's Go to Church! 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾 (feat. Darnell Moore!)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and declared herself a bottom! This week the Thots take to their knees at the pulpit in search of faith, salvation, and the answer to the greatest question of all: Does God exist, and what are her thoughts on missionary? In our new game Sinner or Saint, we debate clear water and pole-sitting, and for dessert we bring you to a Tokyo Sunrise. SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:


New Year, Same Queers

Happy New Queer, binches. This week, we are giving you a delicious course of tapas. In an incredible, thot-defying feat, we are taking on five (5!!!) topics in one episode which were hand-selected by us and suggested by you on social media: How do we enter into interracial relationships responsibly? Is rebounding "ethical?" Is anger valid? What is the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation? In every case, do we have to look at "both sides?" Aside answering all...


We Just Wanna Be Tracee Ellis Ross (feat. Bowen Yang!)

Merry Thotmas, binches! We’re giving you our episode one day early as a festive treat! And what’s more delicious than the one and only Bowen Yang in a juicy discussion about *~**~~ dating *~*~** Dating is absolutely trash, but how do we navigate this necessary jungle? By using Tracee Ellis Ross as our guide. Bowen shares a not-so-salacious group sex story, and we discuss why Will Smith loves a pegging cuck fantasy!!! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:...


Let’s Go Camping (feat. Matt Rogers!)

Lions and tigers and bears, it's CAMP! Ur favorite Hot Toddy Thotties dive deep into the style that makes so many of us such legendary queers. We ask what *is* camp and why do we love it so? In our heaux-lier than thou holiday rendition of Top Secret, we discuss yuletide logs, Dennis asks who *really* has the biggest North Pole, and for dessert we promise to ring your Platinum Bells! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on...


Represent Me Zaddy (feat. Harron Walker!)

We're here, we're queer, you see us, you want to *be* us! But is all representation good? We used to be happy just to be seen, but as the world moves forward, do we get to critique the ways in which we are painted, or in which we paint ourselves? Butt wait, there's more! We discuss Fran's most significant role model Gwyneth Paltrow, Dennis's new celebrity crush, and test the limits of Joe's petty in a spicy polarizing edition of Swipe Right, Swipe Left. And in our advice segment we dress the...


We're Going Mental

Mental health? More like mental hell nah! This week we get into the ooey, gooey conversation of what it means to be “okay” when it comes to your anxiety, depression, or any other assortment of things you should go to therapy for. Plus! In a lovely holiday-themed edition of Homonym, Dennis is kicked off the podcast because they don’t know the lyrics to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy.” And! In our advice segment, we console a lil bb thot who is picking the college major, and another bb thot who is...


Thots Erased (feat. Garrard Conley!)

This week the Thots share the studio with literary stud Garrard Conley to celebrate the release of Boy Erased. We discuss art, vision, and the question of whom our work is for. Is the art we devote our lives to intended for ourselves or a larger, straighter, whiter audience? How does our art change when our audience changes? Who are we serving, and whom are we trying to serve? Plus...yr muted binch.


Sweet Sweet Fantasy (feat. John Paul Brammer)

Do you believe in magic? Celebrating crafty sea-witches and magic carpets, the Thots we're discuss the transformative nature of fantasy and sci-fi. What do we get to explore in fantasy and allegory that we turn away from in life? How were our childhood fantastical escapes informed by the stories we consumed? And as 2018 draws to a close, we wonder: must we, as queers and brown folk, *be* our very own Narnia?


This Podcast is Problematic

Today’s discussion is yet another suh-lippery schlope! We're talking problematic faves. What does “problematic” even mean? What happens in between "problematic" and "cancelled"? When it comes to our faves — how do we consume art and culture responsibly? When Azealia Banks comes on at the club, do you stop dancing?


Men Are a National Problem 😩 (feat. Thomas Page McBee!)

As renowned gender theorist and public intellectual, Cher, once said: “Men are like dessert. I adore dessert, I love men." she says. "But… I don’t need them to live.” The conversation around men has drastically shifted in the last year, and even in the last few months, because for the first time in recorded history, men are KIND OF being held accountable for their actions. Men are a national problem. But what’s masculinity got to do with it?