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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.

The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.
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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.




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A wide net today: CNN candidate town halls- women's rights and the UN- the latest NAFTA changes- a character essay on Richard Holbrooke- the French yellow vesters- and is Netflix a form of birth control??

Thom takes a look at the recent televised town halls of Democratic candidates- and considers their surprising statements. Who supports advancing toward an impeachment posture of our obstructionist head of state. And why is the media is not taking a more serious stance on Trump's disregard of Congressional subpoenas? ---------- Talk Media News' Luke Vargas just watched America water down a U.N. resolution against rape during times of war. And what is happening with the arrested reporters in...


Impeachment, censure, or what? Thom lays out his case for why Trump's impeachment could be more like Nixon and less like Clinton. Plus- playing with knives- Dr. Justin Frank puts Trump back on the couch to see how his childhood made the man.

Thom confronts the extreme 'massive dislocation of our priorities' that Trump has brought us to- all the while committing numerous crimes. Adlai Stevenson and Hubert Humphrey compared.- Dr. Justin Frank, psychoanalyst and author, considers Trump's twisted psyche- how the kid who got sent to military school for playing with switchblades has become the dangerous leader he is today. - How can we cut through the media, and grab the people's attention so they can see beyond Trump and the right...


Thom takes stock of the implications of the Mueller Report- what it really said- and the next big question- to impeach or not to impeach? Plus listener calls on other important issues of the day.

What Bob Barr didn't tell us about the Mueller Report..Mitch McConnell's Russian payoff...Trump's real crimes.. and Lindsay Graham's opinion on impeachment. ----------- Thom straightens out Craig in North Carolina's Republican talking points. And- the Mooseherder returns! . ----------- Congressman Mark Pocan answers the people's questions on the IRS, Trump, election strategy, and other important issues. . ----------- Luke Vargas has the news on the ongoing squabble with North Korea, and the...


The redacted Mueller Report- Thom's powerful analysis- what the 'Coverup General' Barr is and isn't talking about.

Thom shows the Mueller report is not an exoneration, but a summary of indictment-ready criminal conspiracy that could not be completed because of the machinations of the Trump crime family.


Will the Greedy Old Patriarchs be able to use hate and fear to avoid responsibility for their crimes and corruption and win the next election? Is it finally time for the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified? Plus- the crowd cheers for Bernie on.. Fox New

As the Republican party doubles down on its hate strategy for 2020, House Representative Ilhan Omar- who happens to be a Muslim woman- has become their favorite target. Will the Republicans be able to distract American voters from his lies and crimes? --------- Thom reads from 'Our Women on the Ground: Essays by Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World.' --------- The ERA, Equal Rights Amendment, still needs to be ratified after laying dormant for nearly forty years and we are almost there....


Pete Buttigieg is reclaiming Christianity and taking it back from the far right and reminding us that Christ was a progressive and his message was about as far left as one can get. Does this mean that Vice President Mike Pence and the right-wing Christian

Do conservatives 'feed the hungry', 'heal the sick', and 'welcome the stranger'?' - Victoria in L.A. says Europeans have twisted Christianity. - Thom says Trump Republicans have no ideas to run on- he's screwed middle class America on taxes, put kids in cages, and befriended dictators. How is this Christian? - The discussion of Christianity continues- Jesus stance on grifters and taxes. What is real freedom? How should Christians live? - Thom reads from his book 'What Would Jefferson Do?' -...


Today- the consequences of the Trump tax cut on all of us, and especially the millionaires that pay much lower taxes than people who work. And- a deep dive on Fredrick Douglass, and the subtle consequences of America's ugly racial history.

Has the Trump tax cut led corporations to raise wages and lower prices? The answer may not surprise you. And, Morris Pearl, leader of the group 'Patriotic Millionaires' and former managing director of Black Rock Inc shares his thoughts on true American patriotism. ----- Thom debates libertarian thinker Charles Sauer on the fairness or lack thereof of the current American tax system- and how is the economy affected? ----- Author, professor, and historian David W. Blight joins Thom to discuss...


The past and present criminal history of the Kushner family- now includes possible treason- will the Trump Crime Family's corruption be revealed when Congress finally gets the tax returns? And listeners share their sad stories of losing family members to

Are the men hiding Trump's tax returns from Congress violating federal law? How often was Trump Jr. in contact with Wikileaks- the facts come out. How will exposing Trump's finances demonstrate his corruption? - Thom reads from 'Kushner Inc: Green, Ambition, Corruption' by Vicki Ward - Jared Kushner's criminal history may now include treason. According to Huffington Post Editor-At-Large Vicky Ward the Trump adviser may have had a hand in blocking aid to United States allies all to get...


As Julian Assange is hauled out of the Ecuadorian embassy, is journalism under attack? Are we already at war with Iran? Trump's corrupt business practices. Plus- Richard Wolff on what money is.

The headlines: Bernie's plan to pay for Medicare for All. And, how should we take the news that Wikileak's Julian Assange was just arrested? - John in L.A. says Julian Assange is the Digital Martin Luther King. Thom has doubts. - Close Iran-watcher, expert, speaker of Farsi, and former Republican Congressman Bob Ney is concerned- as both countries have declared each other's military a terrorist organization, are we technically at war with Iran? - Thom reads from 'A Woman of No Importance:...


The NRA has been at the heart of many hurdles to pass comprehensive gun control legislation, but how can progressives defeat the NRA? Enter Igor Volsky, who has a plan to do just that - and you won't want to miss it.

Author and activist and leader of non-profit 'Guns Down, America', Igor Volsky joins Thom for a fascinating discussion of gun laws, from the history of the NRA through to modern massacre survivors. --------------- Thom reads from 'Guns Down: How to Defeat the NRA and Build a Safer Future with Fewer Guns' by Igor Volsky. --------------- The discussion on gun control continues and deepens with the deepest of Thom's deep thinking callers. --------------- --------------- Omar in Virginia turns...


Do we need a Martial Plan for Central America? Is Trump saying America is full for only people of color?

An interesting discussion with callers from all over the country of many different stripes.


Fascinating mix of subjects from satirical progressive music through New Zealand news and Russia in 1918, down to 410 parts per million reached this week.

Thom's pick of Friday's interesting headlines, Progressive musical satirist Roy Zimmerman, foreign correspondent Luke Vargas take on New Zealand's soul-seeking regarding unrestricted social media, the heroes of America's 1918 invasion of Russia, Roger Thiel with a comic take on dieting, and Dr. Michael Mann on climate change as we pass carbon dioxide levels of 410 parts per million this week..


Progressive leader in the House of Representatives Mark Pocan gets to the nitty gritty of congressional politics as Thom opens up the phones to his insightful callers. What will the House Judiciary Committee do to get the full Mueller report? Is it fair t

Congressman Mark Pocan answers listener's thoughts and concerns along with Thom. - Thom Hartmann Book Club reading from 'State Capture: How Conservative Activists, Big Business, and Wealthy Donors Reshaped the States and the Nation.' - Mark Pocan considers co-ops and the fairness of all the ways that CEOs are paid. - Thom reads from 'American Cipher: Bowe Bergdahl and the U.S. Tragedy in Afghanistan' - Tom in California wants to know how Republicans are going to use the Mueller report...


As Trump tries to dupe American voters once again with his 'SECRET PLAN' on health care, Thom holds a deep and honest discussion with his listeners on what health care in America is really all about.

As Trump tries to dupe American voters once again with his 'SECRET PLAN' on health care, Thom holds a deep and honest discussion with his listeners on what health care in America is really all about.


Nationwide protests are likely Thursday if the coverup artist Bill Barr refuses to meet the Congressional deadline to turn over the Mueller report- how can you take part? And meanwhile, what can Progressives do to fight the endless conservative schemes ma

Massive nationwide protests are planned for Thursday over the refusal of Bill Barr to meet Congress' deadline to turn over the complete Mueller report. Thom asks one of the organizers, Zac Petkanas. You can join the many groups coming together in your area by visiting to find protests near you. - Thom reads from Ralph Nader's book 'Breaking Through Power- It's Easier Than You Think.' - The most insightful callers from the live episode give dimension to Thom's case...


Thom holds a discussion on Biden's hair-smelling, head-kissing ways- is this the last gasp of male privilege or harmless physical affection?- We get author and activist Cecile Richards' take, and Congressman Ro Khanna, and hear from women across the count

Thom is back with a special holiday announcement! And a rundown of the controversy around Joe Biden. Plus: Carol in Minnesota thinks Biden is a good guy. - Cecile Richards, a 'heroine of the resistance' and author of the new book 'Make Trouble: Stand Up, Speak Out, and Find the Courage to Lead'- we hear about her book, and also her take on Biden and the behavior of powerful men in our society. - Thom reads from 'Can We All Be Feminists?' a collection of essays. - Another dispatch from...


Ever since Nixon, the billionaire-funded Republicans, and their propaganda media have moved relentlessly to remake America into nothing but a profit center for the elite- how are ordinary Americans fighting back for justice?

National nightmare over, really? Guest-host Jefferson Smith reviews the post Nixon era, rise of the organized Right, and inspires hope in the prospect of despair. - Professor Seth Cotlar sheds light on the history of the Conservative movement. - Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute, and prolific author, joins Jefferson Smith for a fascinating conversation about the positive possibilities. Would you move your money to a public bank if there was one close by? Callers respond. - Luke...


Jefferson Smith wants to know what we can do to have real democracy in an America confused by billionaire-bought propaganda. From Oregon through the heartland, brilliant callers answer Jeff's philosophical and practical musings.

How is the media doing in covering Trump corruption? Is the conservative machine getting good at forcing Progressives to make the wrong moves? - Rick in Kentucky asks Jefferson to explain how Trump can have so much support given what a terrible person he has shown himself to be. And how can we work together to counter the conservative efforts to fix elections? - Thom Hartmann reads from 'State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind'. - An interesting...


Guest-host Jefferson Smith considers the collective outrage after the frustrating Barr spin on the absent Mueller Report. Alex Lawson of 'Social Security Works' asks are we about to lose our public healthcare as Trump seeks it outlawed?

Jefferson Smith continues to guest host during Thom's break. Jeff reframes the picture of our collective disappointment after the Barr report and how to rechannel our feelings of anger and frustration into constructive action. - Alex Lawson of 'Social Security Works' asks are we about to lose our public healthcare as Trump seeks it outlawed? So much for Obama Care! RIP good sense. - For the Book Club, Thom Hartmann reads from "The Truth about Social Security: The Founders' Words Refute...